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Excel Workbooks and User Guides for Systematic Reviews

Updated: May 19, 2022

The workbooks are in the process of being revised. Note that the user guides are not following the same version as the workbooks.

February 28, 2022


Which workbook(s) should you use?

All Excel workbooks are available online.

If you are working on a systematic review by yourself, then the ONLY workbook you will need is One-person-review_Project-name-Excel-workbook.

If you are working on a systematic review and need a means of tracking your literature searches ONLY (i.e. you are using Distiller SR, Covidence, or something similar for study selection), then the workbook you should use is Project-Name-PRIMARY-workbook-lit-searches.

Otherwise, for 2-person reviews, use the:

  1. Project-name_PRIMARY-Excel-workbook-for-two-people;

  2. Cohens-kappa-for-two-people_Project-name_Compiled;

  3. Screening-workbook-for-two-people_Project-name_Compiled;

  4. Reviewing-workbook-for-two-people_Project-name_Compiled.

You will also need special styles for RefWorks or EndNote, depending on which citation management system you use. You can create your own if you know how by customizing the export fields so only the citation ID, item title, and abstract export in a tab-delimited text file.


User guides

All user guides are available online. These include:

  1. EndNote style for Excel SR workbooks

  2. User instructions for EndNote

  3. RefWorks for Excel SR workbooks

  4. User instructions for RefWorks

  5. Excel workbook to track literature searches ONLY

  6. Track literature search user guide

  7. Excel workbook for a one-person review

  8. PRIMARY Excel Workbook for a 2-person review

  9. Cohen's kappa interrater reliability user guide

  10. Screening workbook user guide

  11. Full text review user guide


Additional materials

Resources for reporting findings are also available online, including:

  1. PRISMA flowchart in MS Word

  2. Search strategies template in MS Word


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