About Your Own Private Librarian LLC


Welcome to the YOPL blog!

Your Own Private Librarian LLC utilizes experienced librarians to assist with your research needs. While this is a new business (founded in 2018), we have over 25 years working in academia and training, and have worked in community colleges, private and public universities, and for non-profits.


We created this site with two purposes in mind:

  1. To share our knowledge and skillset as a means of helping you do a better job at finding what you need quickly and efficiently;

  2.  To let you know that you can get help from us!

While we do charge for larger projects such as systematic review searches or searches for research papers, we'll be more than happy to answer a quick question or two free of charge. 



  • Systematic Review Database Searching

  • Systematic Review Project Management

  • General and Advanced Database Searching

  • General and Advanced Database Training

  • Microsoft Word, Excel, and Publisher

  • Internet Searching

  Services We Offer


  • Determine if your SR is feasible 

  • Database searching (SR-- student) 

  • SR full service package 

  • SR data management 

  • Database searching (Individual) 

  • Database searching (Small group/Class) 

  • Database search (single database) 

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